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    Al Shabaab had threatened revenge since Kenyan troops joined the conflict, warning that they would bring the "flames of war" to a country that is east Africa's biggest economy. The group has created funding, recruiting and training networks in Kenya.
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    Elena Valenciano, Deputy Secretary General of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party reacted to the latest twist. “If he received illegal money when a minister and lied as Prime Minister he cannot be at the head of the Government of Spain. So we ask the Prime Minister and his Government to tell the truth and we the Socialist Party think that if he cannot be truthful then he has to resign.”
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    "Although regenerative medicine remains in the early stages for pediatric patients, progress is being made. Hannah, and the physicians caring for her, helped advance this area of medical practice which is only at its very beginning stages," the hospital said in a statement today.
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    Rami Abdul-Rahman, who heads the observatory, said that most of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant members are foreigners. He said they come from Arab countries as well as former Soviet republics such as Chechnya.
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    And the UN has underestimated the impact of urbanisation on reducing fertility rates, he argues. Up to now, as he puts it, urbanisation has been "a very powerful contraceptive" in all countries.
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    Smoke billows from the site of clashes between government troops and the MNLF rebels at a residential village in Zamboanga city, southern Philippines, in this aerial view taken Sept. 17, 2013, by the Philippine Air Force. (Reuters)
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    After resolving their biggest trade dispute yet, Beijing andBrussels will tackle accusations that French, Spanish andItalian wine is being exported for sale at below the cost ofproduction, as well as another dispute over exports ofpolysilicon, a raw material used in solar panels.
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    Asked why the desired number of badgers had not been killed, especially given the lower total population now estimated, Mr Kendall said these were pilot schemes and those involved are "learning as we go".
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    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The Security Council has authorized a joint mission from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the United Nations to destroy Syria's chemical weapons — a necessary final step for the dangerous and unprecedented project.
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    And he said: "Clearly, if the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party are unaware of who Mr Crosby's clients are - which is what the Chairman of the Conservative Party says is the case - then you will agree that the principles of engagement are unenforceable and worthless. In the interests of transparency Mr Crosby's company's full client list should be published immediately."
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    Local authorities said a 19-year-old Spaniard was beingtreated in hospital and was in a "very serious" condition. A28-year-old man from Ireland had suffered chest trauma althoughhis injuries were not thought to be as serious, they said.
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    Low to middle income families are increasingly turning tothe private rental sector, as they are unable to pay fordeposits to buy their own home or cannot access social housing,the report by the Resolution Foundation think tank said.
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    “Honestly I hear it from everyone from KISS-FM to Us Weekly, but that’s just how he does it. But he makes sure every story is always hyperlinked back to the source if he doesn’t break it. I’ll pass this along to him again and ask him to source without just linking. I feel your frustration.”
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    It has already classified many chemicals and mixtures that can be components of air pollution, including diesel engine exhaust, solvents, metals and dusts. But this is the first time that experts have classified air pollution as a cause of cancer.
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    “The DOMA aspect was the easy one because it separated a class of people,” said the township resident and a founding member of the Board of Directors of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. “Anyone could see it was unconstitutional.”
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    After the May 2012 surgery, team physician Brian Cole, who performed the surgery, talked about the therapeutic benefit to playing in games whenever Rose felt ready. Cole also emphasized it could take longer than the eight- to 12-month timeline the organization placed on Rose's return for him to regain his dynamic explosiveness.
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