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    On the main floor, a 325-seat dining facility can rival any restaurant and satisfy any taste. In fact, the Fresh Food Company dining facility is a restaurant that will be open to the public, including brunch and dinner on weekends.
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    As one major league executive said on Monday, “With the revenue they generate, they stand to lose more in fan apathy than they’d save in luxury tax. If it means reenergizing their fans, I think they’ll do whatever it takes.”
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    Overall, 27.5% of women reported a diaper need, 10% of those women said they received some diaper support from an agency. Another 10% said they borrowed diapers or money for diapers from family or friends, and 3% of women said they sought assistance for diapers through some form of charity.
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    The “top-secret” budget blueprint, formally known as the Congressional Budget Justification for the National Intelligence Program, represents spending levels proposed to the House and Senate intelligence committees in February 2012. Congress may have made changes before the fiscal year began Oct 1. Clapper is expected to release the actual total spending figure after the fiscal year ends Sept. 30.
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    "This is what I do,” Rivera said at the New York Athletic Club. “Baseball is what I do, not who I am and that's the difference." The son of a Panamanian fisherman, who grew up poor and became one of the game’s most decorated players, said the humility he learned as a child molded him into the player he became, and that it was ingrained in him to “respect, help, (and) support” others, always.
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    Benson, then known as Anna Warren, was charged, along with Paul Dejongh, her boyfriend at the time, with the murder of an 18-year-old man in her Knoxville, Tenn., apartment. Authorities issued arrest warrants for both in the murder of Michael Evans, a college student who was getting ready to enlist in the Navy.
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    Prestwick was put on the world map in 1960 when Elvis stopped off the at Ayrshire airport for less than two hours while the American army jet he was travelling on stopped to refuel. Elvis was flying back to the US from Europe during his military service.
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    Representative Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 Democrat in the House, vowed to fight efforts by Republicans to stall Obamacare, saying: "Health reform is working. It is the law of our land, an Democrats will continue to make sure that the clock is not turned back."
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